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Greenhouse construction price

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Winter greenhouse vegetable greenhouse construction price
       As a necessary equipment for winter vegetable cultivation in northern regions, the winter warm vegetable greenhouse has been recognized by the majority of vegetable growers and agricultural companies. After nearly two decades of development, the construction materials and engineering quality of the winter warm vegetable greenhouse have been Earth-shaking changes have taken place, with construction costs ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan! Qingzhou Xinze Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional vegetable greenhouse construction company in China, analyzes the construction cost and construction price of winter vegetable greenhouses in detail for you!

                            Winter warm vegetable greenhouse construction picture      Winter warm vegetable greenhouse construction picture
        First of all, if you want to understand the construction cost of a warm winter vegetable greenhouse, you need to know its construction components: the preliminary civil engineering, skeleton materials, labor costs, fan and curtain cooling system, heater heating system, and internal and external insulation system Shading system and other components! Qingzhou Xinze Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.'s construction price of winter warm vegetable greenhouses ranges from 30 yuan to 150 yuan per square! The price gap in the middle is mainly in the construction materials. The galvanized steel pipe has a column frame vegetable greenhouse, and the construction cost is between 30-200 yuan per square. In the middle, customers can according to their specific needs and local specific environment. , As appropriate, select the fan cooling system in summer, the heating system for heating the stove in winter, and the thermal insulation system such as roller shutter machine!

                          Winter warm type vegetable greenhouse rolling machine test machine        Winter warm vegetable greenhouse construction picture
      As a domestic professional winter warm vegetable greenhouse construction company, it has built more than one hundred acres of various winter warm vegetable greenhouses in more than 20 provinces, cities and regions in China. It has accumulated rich experience and technology, and its own construction team guarantees that. The construction progress and quality can provide the best winter warm vegetable greenhouse construction plan according to the specific situation of the customer, the local environmental climate and specific area, the preliminary budget and other conditions. Welcome friends who are planning to construct the project to contact us. You only need Tell us your construction area, preliminary budget, construction requirements and local climate. Within two working days, our design and budget department will provide you with an electronic version or telephone construction price quote for your reference! Welcome to inquire!

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